According to statistics, the majority of couples regret not hiring a wedding videographer. Think about it. You invest so much into your wedding day … to assume that photography can capture everything is an unfortunate mistake. Also, simply handing off the duty to a friend or relative will give you mediocre results. Invest in a professional, classy wedding video that you will want to watch repeatedly for years to come.

Please contact me and I’ll let you know if we have your date available. Once I have a booking fee of $250 and a signed contract, your date is secure. The remaining balance is due two weeks prior to your wedding day.

I accept check, PayPal, and cash. I frequently have specials, discounts, and promotions available so feel free to inquire what may be available. Interest-free payment plans are also an option by request.

*There is a 5% charge on PayPal transactions

Nope...the price you see is what you pay.

Most of the work at this level of wedding videography takes place in the editing process. Good editing takes a LOT of time and effort. I typically shoot about 3+ hours of footage and have over 300 individual clips ranging from a few seconds to 20+ minutes. Going through the footage is a time consuming process and I am meticulous in my choosing the perfect images to work with, often going frame by frame to achieve this. There is no true way to gauge how long the editing process may take. Typicially they are faster rather than slower...but scheduling does play a factor at times. I can say that the longest return time to date has been about 8 weeks. Let me know about any rush orders and I will be happy to work with you.

I offer 2 and 3 song packages. So the total video time is based on the lengths of the songs used and other editing touches. A good range is usually about 7-9 minutes for a 2 song package and 10-12 minutes for a 3 song package. The length is not nearly as important as the content and overall feel of the video. I do whatever is necessary to create a video that emcompasses the emotions of the day.

The videos I produce are not meant to be a long form documentary of the entire day. They are not a continuously running camera placed to capture entire event from beginning to end, and they are not me following around the photographer and taking video of the same scenes they are taking photos of. I put together a cinematic montage of the day and place it to music and audio captured throughout the day. Although my Cinematic HD packages may be a larger investment than more traditional videographers on the market, the difference in quality is unparalleled. Your wedding video will have a look and feel of a major motion picture rather as opposed to "Uncle Bob's" camcorder because I use DSLR cameras that are capable of utilizing numerous film lenses. I also use production equipment like steadicams, mini dolly sliders, and professional drone for aerial shots which give the final video an amazingly epic feel.

Yes, there are some wedding venues that place too many restrictions on videography. Please find out any such restrictions from your wedding venue and let us know as soon as possible. Although it is rare, some venues restrict the use of tripods and have poor designated filming areas for videographers that make it almost impossible to produce a quality video. I will have to refuse any wedding booking that has a venue with such rigid restrictions. This is only because I take pride in my work and care about your end product.

All cameras need light to capture images. Photography cameras use flashes, but video requires continual lighting to produce clean and vibrant shots. I utilize professional light panels to create the ideal lighting conditions when necessary but I am discriminate in their use as to not take away or distract from the ceremony or reception.